Our Projects

Our legacy of successfully completed projects is the best demonstration of our capabilities. We have a diverse portfolio which showcases our deep expertise and experience.

Our successful projects

NED Investment
Al Durra 7
Spinnaker Residence
Etlala Residence 2
Geepas Park View 01
Battersea Residence
Proposed Villa (B+G+1)
Proposed Building (G+4TYP) Labor Accommodation
Residential Villa (G+1)
Proposed Building (G+1+SB)
Proposed Villa (G+1) & Service Block
Proposed Villa (G+1)
Proposed Villa (B+G+1+R) & Service Block
Proposed 2 Villas (G+1) & Majlis + Service Block + Drive Block + Garage + Kitchen
Proposed 3 Villas (G+1+Boundary Wall)
Proposed Villa (B+G+1)